We always have aim to develop and facilitate procedures and policies that should help us to grow, help our partners in the supply chain and make environment green and clean. We believe that transparency of the procedure should be maintained so that work relationship based on trust and mutual benefits.


1. We are a Company Of Owners.

2. We are Value Creators.

3. We Don't Compromise.

4. We keep it Simple.

5. We are Principally right at first Attempt.

6. We Use Optimally.

7. We are Disciplined Leaders.

8. We Priorities Decision Making & Actions

9. We are result oriented.


Tiranga Logistic is one of the India’s leading logistic company. Tiranga Logistic is a dedicated business partner. We are associated with number of ventures, enterprises, corporation together by offering professional services.



We have the team of highly professional and enthusiastic personnel who successfully administer and manage all stages of various relocation processes. We have large number of trucks who are associated in our fleet so that the heavy work load can be handled easily. We are able to secure discounted, competitive freight rates through our network of transportation providers. Using our web based tools; you can compare shipping quotes from top carriers in seconds.

We wish our work always reliable to all the customers and keep winning their trust, values, build strong relations and respected by all the stakeholders among the enterprises.

Our Characteristics which help us to achieve our main aim and establish a reputed organization globally:

  • We have associated large number of personnel with industrial expertise and high excellence value.
  • We perform operations across the PAN India.
  • Security of the item is highly managed by all operational staff and ensure by the supervision.
  • We are transforming Logistics in India making it Human, Faster and Safer.
  • We love to serve our customers with the best in every aspect.
  • We build long term strong relationship with the customers.
  • National and International customers who appreciate our work.
  • Constant Support by our team so that customer doesn’t face any problem during the processing of his shipment.
  • Easy shipment tracking system by using GPS technology so that the cutting edge of the technology can be matched.
  • Experienced staff, dedicated team and personalized service.
  • Fleet are regularly maintained so that they can produce less pollution and keep the earth neat and clean.
  • Optimal cost with best quality standards.
  • Reliability.


We work to unite the world through pro-activeness, enthusiasm, innovation, new ideas, commitment, latest technology, eco-serving products and service excellence, to become a leader in the field freight and cargo services.

We try to delight our customers experience every time. We believe in love and that’s why we care for you. The experience of the each day should be worth full for every next day. Consistency in improvement, adherence to quality and establishment of quality standards has been benchmark for our organization since its establishment. Customer’s trust is our priority.

The whole team of TIRANGA LOGISTICS heartily welcomes you to join the fastest developing logistics organization!