We have a tough schedule for Maintenance of trucks, that is operated by the Fleet Maintenance Department under the supervision of Fleet Manager. We care about the fleet should be highly maintained on the regular basis so that they are able to provide services on time and the quality of shipment gets never suffered. Good maintenance of the fleet make easier to provide services with the best quality.

Each truck is well maintained in every aspect so that the work of shipping go smooth and it doesn’t get affected due to lack if maintenance. We always care that drivers never feel restless driving due to lack of maintenance of the fleet. There should be no challenge either to the drivers or to the organization due to the lack of maintenance of the fleet.

We have a built-in tracking system in every fleet by using GPS technology so that the cutting edge of the technology can be matched. We have young innovative minds who are working to implement newer technologies in our field for the mutual growth. Some dedicated technical professionals regularly check this system and fix the bugs if there, so that technology should never be a barrier when the questions come to provide the services on time with best quality.

Each truck is well monitored through the fleet manager by using GPS fleet tracking system to ensure the security of the data should be highly managed so that the item shipped from shop to stop is having the quality as it have initially at the shop. Shortening distances is not sufficient to reserve fuel consumption. By using GPS Fleet Tracking System, we can analyze the route with less traffic is must to reserve ideal time of the engine and save fuel consumption. So that our fuels can be saved, cost can be reduced and moreover earth can be saved by keeping clean and green. And truck can have longer and healthier life.

All the trucks associated in our fleet is not only match the expectations of quality, they also fulfill the legal requirements with the stakeholders of the truck, So that the surety of legal and ethical work can be committed and proven successfully.

 We make the process of getting trucks at the best price and tracking of the shipments easy for shippers. As we provide different shipment services including customize fleet service so that the quality of production can not be compromised and it doesn’t hurt professional ethics. Tiranga Logistics have a large fleet that contains trucks, buses, other automobiles, etc. which worked as a backbone of the organization. The fleet associated with us is well sufficient in every aspect of the work. They can fulfill all your needs related to logistics field in every aspect. All trucks come under our fleet are supervised by our high value excellence staff. We verify the trucks before associating with our fleet against any illegal act has been done in the past.