Every material is well checked before being loaded in the fleet. By that time GPS fleet tracking system come into the role and make fleet monitoring and controlling process easier and powerful. GPS fleet tracking system can afford a constantly updated position for every item from the time item is loaded till the item gets delivered. So that each order can be track easily without having a thought of “now where has my order get reached”. Just tap your phone and track each shipment. We can monitor the fleet such that if the object get stationary at any time that we can check, with the driver any thief or not. It saves time and helps to fulfill our commitment of one stop solution.

Shortening distances is not sufficient to reserve fuel consumption. Analyze the route with less traffic is must to reserve ideal time of the engine ad save fuel consumption. So that our fuels can be saved, cost can be reduced and moreover earth can be save by keeping this earth clean and green.

Fleet Maintenance makes it easy to see when an automobile, truck, or other piece of equipment is due for service, so that each process go smooth. Shippers don’t have to worry about any shipment with us. Customers are valuable for us, we love to build strong and long relationship with our clients. Your trust is our priority and quality is our main vision.

We ease the freight and shipment services, and make customer more comfortable with the process. The whole delivery team support end to end their user and make them more comfortable with the process. The main objective of them is to expose their expertise in the field and make the shipment and cargo process very simple to end of the customers and ensure the security of the items. They serve with high excellence and best quality standards. Our past work is the bench mark of our brand-value.

 Tiranga whole team carefully pays attention to detail and clean, well-structured code to ensure a smooth user experience for all your visitors. We have the team of highly professional and enthusiastic personnel who always happy to serve the client with high level of excellence. The team has expertise in this field and strong dedication towards their work. Each individual present in the team contributes its best to the organization. The team follows the approach of walking step by step with the client. The packing of the items done by the high valued staffing team who have high experience with the vision of security of the data is first priority. Each and every operation is rechecked by its supervisor to ensure its quality. The fleet drivers are very well trained and honest to their work. They always help to the organization to deliver best output to the clients in all logistics services. They care about the data security and try to maintain it very well.